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AJ Media Associates are aware that, at times the filming and distribution of your production on DVD can be a daunting and costly task.

Our aim is to remove all of the hassle and some of the cost from you; in other words there is no cost to your organisation at all, only the opportunity to make some money for future productions, we take all of the financial risk. This works in the following way.

  1. We film your production using 2 cameras on professional quality equipment, edit the finished product and convert it to a working DVD with active menus. We charge nothing at all for this part of the operation.

  2. We agree a price to sell the finished DVD to your customers, usually between £8 and £12.50. This is dependent on the estimated number of sales and the commission to be paid to the school.

  3. We will take and send out orders; the school is also free to take orders, which we will either ship direct or deliver to the school.

  4. We work closely with the school on all aspects of the DVD production

  5. There is absolutely no cost to the school at all, only an opportunity to earn a commission for each DVD sold.

  6. We will also put together all the DVD order forms and cover and disc design-using images from your programes to match the theme of you production

  7. We can also design and print your DVD order forms

We also have the facility to produce and print show guides, programmes and posters up to A0.

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